We are Bill and Cathy Norrie co-skippers of our Lyle Hess designed BCC 28 sailboat Pixie


Scuppers at the helm sailing down the Wild Coast of Africa
Bill AKA Scuppers

and Cathy Norrie,

Poppy on Terrwyn

Cathy AKA Poppy

We have had a grand time, for the past five years,sailing the oceans of the world  in our beloved Terrwyn a PSC Crealock 37.

Terrwyn  on the hook in Smokehouse Bay, Great Barrier Island New Zealand.

Having completed our circumnavigation with Terrwyn she is now sailing on with her new owners as we dream of new sailing adventures in Pixie, our BCC 28.

Pixie at Friday Harbour, Washington, USA.

Our motto has been and continues to be

“Go simple; go small; go now.”  inspired by Lin and Larry Pardey.

Currently in the Salish Sea… who knows where she will take us in the future?