It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me.  But life at sea is better.

-Sir Francis Drake

Choosing one’s yacht is a special privilege.  A personal decision where there is no perfect choice.  Seaworthy, sea kindly, beauty, and cost are cited as the principal deciding factors.

The Norries’ vessel (co-skippers: Cathy and Bill) is no exception.  Our boat’s purpose is to carry us safely and comfortably in timeless elegance across oceans to many of the world’s beautiful and wild places.

We represent the vestigial remnant of “The Golden Age of Sail” and embrace this magnificent heritage.  We appreciate 21st Century technology tempered by the timeless and hostile marine environment.  Our joy is to sail one of the world’s most beautiful and unstoppable love boats afloat. We both love functional art, quality over quantity – a boat, our world, sailed by us alone.  Pixie is our “20 year plan”.  Time’s short, especially at 60.

Terrwyn and Pixie are more similar than not.  Both undisputed blue water vessels.


Top:   Terrwyn (PSC Crealock 37)  Bottom: Pixie,   (BCC 28, Lyle Hesse design, Sam L. Morse Co.)

Terrwyn is sold and Pixie is bought and her refit well underway.  Both vessels:  Terrwyn (PSC Crealock 37) and Pixie,   (BCC 28, Lyle Hesse design, Sam L. Morse Co.) – this link shows the film footage of the building of Pixie, previously named There You Are.  Both well reviewed online.

For the BCC 28:  BluewaterBoats.Org  and

For PSC Crealock 37:  from PacificSeacraft.comand BluewaterBoats.Org

We shall discuss our deciding issues next posting.

This entry’s author: Bill Norrie AKA Scuppers; edited by: Cathy Norrie AKA Poppy.