Definition:  a mischievous sprite or fairy; an elfin creature, especially a mischievous one.

Pixie’s brand new Hasse main sail (full batten; 2 deep single line reefs; loose footed, cream coloured)

At 14,000 lbs., 28 feet on deck and 38 ft. LOA she is considered small for open ocean cruising – no dispute.  Pixie is likely one of the more expensive cruising vessels for her diminutive size – no argument.  Today’s cruising fleet is growing in size and number as the First World’s people prosper.  I jest that there is a cancer called “Big House” and it has metastasized to boats.  Largely economically immune to this disease, Pixie is our healthy solution, balancing the previously listed 4 “proper cruising yacht” requirements. (Sea -worthy; sea-kindly; beautiful and affordable).

Pixie is 12.5 % “smaller” than Terrwyn, questionably significantly smaller with respect to sea-worthy and sea-kindly.  Her full keel, deep wine glass bilges carried aft and Mr. Hess’s overall brilliance coupled with Sam L Morse’s yard are what underpin her excellence.

A twenty year old vessel warrants: new rigging, sails, canvas, and cosmetic glass refit.  We were spoiled by Terrwyn‘s electronic displays over the companionway, Max-Prop’s smooth propeller and our Fatty Knees 7 ‘ hard dinghy… and now Pixie has all the same.

Pixie has also received a new Beta Marine HP engine.  Next coming are cockpit cushions and below deck bright works touch ups.  Spoiled – no argument.

“It is the only thing.”, said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leaned forward for his stroke, “Believe me, my young friend, there is – absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

                                                                                      –Kenneth Graeme “Wind in the Willows”-